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    Problems during setup


      Hi, I bought a second-hand Slingbox  Pro  SB200 and I'm having trouble setting it up.


      It's plugged into the router, and when I power it on, both red lights on the RH side (power & network) come on. To start with, I did a hard reset via the button on the back.  I also upgraded the firmware on the box itself.


      I've run through the setup process multiple times now, trying both the web set up from the Slingbox site, and setup via the Windows client.    At this time I just want to set it up using the internal tuner, no other video sources.  Each time, I get as far as the point where it scans for channel.  If I use the Windows client,  about 75% of the way through the channel scan, the network light goes out on the front of the Slingbox, and the install fails saying that it can't find the unit.  On a couple of occasions it has said something about another Slingbox being connected to the network, but that isn't true.


      If I try to set it up using the web client on the Slingbox site, I get a different error; after scanning for TV channels, the app says:



      However, I've used the same password all the way through, but it won't accept it.  Also tried another reset and then this but the same thing happens.


      I've turned off the firewall in MacAfee and that hasn't made any difference.


      Can anyone suggest what the problem is please?



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          Hi, Cappo


          If the process gets interrupted and the network light goes off, the connections are not properly established. In this case, I recommend you to verify all the connections and check this link in order to find a solution for this issue.


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off

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              I'm getting this same error. I had an old Slingbox classic that was streaming analog cable channels from Comcast. I upgraded to Verizon FIOS and they have no analog channels (all digital) so I upgraded to the new Slingbox HD with the digital tuner.


              I can connect and was able to update the firmware, but when I scan for new channels it scans through for a long time, gets to the point where it finds 50-something unscambled digital channels and then fails and says it can't find my slingbox.


              It's not the connections. I had my old slingbox classic connected using the exact same network cable going to the exact same swtich at least a year and it worked fine. I can still swap the classic in and it works fine. I'm also an IT guy and know a thing or two about ethernet. It appears that the slingbox itself is crashing or timing out or something right before it completes the scan. Is this a known issue and is there a work-around?



              This guy is seeing this too: https://community.sling.com/message/20652