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    What to do if your remote stops working for no good reason.


      I had my sky+hd remote stop working for no good reason, my dvd remote worked ok, the 1st thing I did was to reset my remote, no good, then I thought is it my emitter, I could not check it as I am in usa,

      I asked a friend of mine to just unplug my slingbox, which he did and ALL is ok now.


      Hope this helps anyone who might have this problem away from home, we all now how anoying it can be when we have no control.


      My tip to ALL is try the easy things 1st, do not read to much into things as it can send you down the wrong route,


      Avid user of slingbox for the last 4yrs, it is great, my main problems I have found is my internet provider at home whom I cannot check on ,dropping out or poor connection speeds.


      Pity we cant connect to a domain proxy server to get better reception, ie streaming.