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    Using Built-in Turner on PRO-HD?


      I have the PRO-HD. Since it has a built-in tuner, how can I get it not to interfere with the box/tv channel it is connected to? Do I need to connect via Coax instead of component? If so do I go from gateway IN to set top box, OUT to Slingbox? Should be no need to go from Slingbox to TV correct

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          Hi Sthomassee,


          If you don't have a dual tuner A/V device like a DVR, you will need to connect a coaxial splitter, it will split the signal coming from the wall and you will have 2 outputs, one for the Slingbox and the second for the cable box.


          There is a similar discussion about this,


          how can i watch a different channel then the one being used at home



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              This will not work with FiOS.  FiOS requires the box to receive video.  If I split the cable line and atach one to bocx and one to the SB, the SB willnot recieve any video.

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                I live in ireland and am thinking of buying a Sling Box Pro HD but just want to check the specification of the built in digital tuner to see if it is compatible with the new SAORVIEW digital television service being launched in May of this year. The tuner requirements for the new service are as follow, see below:


                • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) over DVB-T
                • Receiver must be able to decode HD (H.264 High Profile @ Level 4)
                • Receiver must support MPEG-4 HE AAC, Enhanced AC3 and MPEG-1 Layer II audio
                • MHEG5 middleware for interactive services and EPG
                • Receiver will scale down HD to SD through SCART if TV is not HD.


                Grateful if anyone could confirm whether or not the Sling Box HD Pro will be able to decode fully or paritally the SAORVIEW service with its internal digital tuner.  thanks

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                    AndyK Newbie

                    You might be better using a Pro HD to control a Saorview box direct.


                    I had a look and found this :-




                    "There are some set-top-boxes and iDTVs on the market that may work with SAORVIEW or aspects of the SAORVIEW service. Consumers should be aware that the majority of UK “Freeview” boxes and iDTVs will not decode the SAORVIEW service and that unapproved receivers may not be fully compatible with all aspects of the SAORVIEW service"


                    Why on earth they don't just use Freeview, like the UK & NI is beyond me.

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                  As Ireland will have a different digital TV system than the UK

                  do we need a unique slingbox h/w for Ireland, or can we

                  modify the firmware on the UK model to have both UK and Irish digital



                  While the external Irish box can work, its not what I'd hope for.

                  Note, I can receive both Irish and UK free to air digital transmissions.

                  So a slingbox that can tune both at the same time would be ideal.