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    audio problems


      I got the pro hd hooked up and video works fine from the ipad, ipod, and the pc players... yet The audio is absolutly horrible. It sounds like im listing to it from the end of a long glass hallway and it has a loud grinding sound or a hum rather in the background drowning it all out. any suggestions or ideas? I have checked the cable connections and moved them around while trying various things with no luck.

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          Anyone got any ideas? I see where a few have looked at the post but no recommendations.. I like the way it works just need to resolve this problem. I am going to contact support soon but have found in many places the forums provide better support.. If i do contact support I will post the answer here for others incase they have the issue as well.

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            Hi Drchine,


            Have you tried to connect another set of audio cables? You also can try to connect a different TV source like a DVD to confirm if the issue persists. If you determine that the issue is with the Slingbox itself, you can try first to Reset the Slingbox and then run the Setup Assistant. If you still have the same issue, you will need to contact Technical Support.



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              AndyK Newbie

              I have the same issue, it seems worse when using the iPhone & iPad players.


              I was in touch with support in Europe and they went through the whole resetting thing that didn't work, then they suggested I return the unit as it was a week or two old, case 00417941 if support want to look into it.


              I returned the Pro HD to the shop and got a replacement, same issue.


              You even get the sound issue if you remove video & audio feeds and when you use the internal tuner.


              It seems to disapear when you set the player to SQ.


              I'm thinking its either a software or firmware issue with the h.246 part of the software.

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                I have the same issue. It seems that after I updated my software to 2.1.90. I started having these audio issues. I have to completely power reset my Slingbox and then I get audio for a while but, soon cuts out again.

                Can the software be rolled back to the older version?

                I think I remember that the system pretty much forced to update to the current version.

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                  My iPad, iPhone 3G, & iPhone 4 in standard video mode all sound fine.  The iPhone 4 in high quality video has audio that is unlistenable.  My 'fix' is to only watch Slingbox on a working option.   P.S.  Hey Slingbox, I miss audio only mode!!!

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                    Same problem: audio is worst (and for me, too bad to hear) on HQ/Auto than SQ.

                    iPhone4 and iPad2 tested. Please fix it as soon as possible!

                    iPhone and iPad app (i've bought both -.-) last version.

                    Firmware is latest, Slingbox PRO-HD.

                    I'm on local network so no bandwidth issues.


                    Thank you.

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                      jesse.sling Novice

                      Hey drchine,


                        Make sure that you have 3 dots. In other words, you want to make sure you have port forwarding set up. This article should help you resolve the issue. Troubleshooting SlingPlayer for iPad video issues


                      I hope this helps!


                      Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                        I've sent mine back to sling, got a replacement twice and the audio bug persists. SD audio fine, HD on iPhone 4, 4s, iPad 2 & 3 give tinny low bitrate sound. Pc streams fine to several different pc setups. I strongly suspect this may be an iOS issue. Very frustrating. Has anyone tried android?

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                          AndyK Newbie

                          It's a bit annoying people have been reporting this issue for over a year now, I wish Sling would actually do something to fix the issue.


                          Its not as if it's a £0.69 App it costs £20.99 on the iPad.