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    "Manually adjust stream parameters" Video bitrate is hard coded


      In the Slingplayer v, the "Manually adjust stream parameters" appears the Video bitrate is hard coded to a set of presets that I can't seem to change. For example:


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start Slingplayer.

      2. Click Settings > Slingplayer Options.

      3. Click the Encoding tab.

      4. Click on the radial button for "Manually adjust stream parameters (advanced)".

      5. Change the Video Resolution to 640x240.

      6. Change the Video bitrate to 384.

      7. Click Apply.


      Notice that the Video bitrate changes to 500.


      Thus I have found that:

      A) If you chose a Video bitrate that is greater than the unspecified hard coded bitrate for a specific Video Resolution, the bitrate is not changed.

      B) If the Video bitrate for the selected Video Resolution is less than the unspecified hard coded bitrate for a specific Video Resolution, the bitrate is changed to whatever the unspecified, hard coded minimum is for the chosen Video Resolution.


      The following are the Video Resolutions and associated hard coded bitrate minimums (in Kbps) I have found using slingplayer:

      160x120 = 128

      256x192 = 150

      320x240 = 128

      640x250 = 240

      640x480 = 600

      1024x720 =1024

      1440x540 = 1024

      1680x540 = 1024

      1920x540 = 1024


      I have been able to produce a dialogue box that specifically says that the resolution should be between "64-20000 Kbps". Also, note that the 320x240 bitrate minimum is less than the 256x192 bitrate. This means that the hard coded value defaults are not part of the Functional Specifications and that this section of the application is not working as designed.


      I am quite appalled at the current support strategy for SlingMedia and request that the appropriate party contact me ASAP concerning this issue. There is no excuse as to why your Support system cannot provide for submissions of this type in a manner that is mutually beneficial to SlingMedia and its contributors.