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    FirmWare US  and EU

    OEIL Newbie

      Hello ,

      A  french  slingbox  user  live in Canada  and  he buy a SlingBox HD PRO   in Canada .

      He  come to France  and he  try  his  SlingBox  with the coaxial  entry  and scan the DVB-T  ( TNT : Télévision Numerique Terrestre in French )

      But nothing   , because  his  FW  is  US  FW   and  the  codecs are differents in France  .


      The  Canadian or US   FW  is  N°  2.1.80    ; I have the   last  EU FW ( the  "bin"  file   is N° 1. 5 .170  )

      And it is not possible to install a downgrade  FW  ;

      I have think to change  the date  and the  FW  number   in the "bin" EU  file ( ex : 2.1.81 ) ,  but   i don't know  if it is the   good way  ..

      An idea  please .

      ( sorry for my bad English )



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          Hi OEIL,


          Unfortunately the issue is not with the Firmware. Basically, if you get a Slingbox from Canada or US, it will work also connected to a NTSC signal (National Television System Committee), but France uses a different configuration, PAL (Phase Alternating Line), that's why it will be necessary to get a Slingbox in Europe, you can try this site,





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              OEIL Newbie

              Ok , thanks for your reply .

              But i think the  video codecs  are built in the FW  , or in other mémory in the  Slingbox ??

              Because  , when  the guy scan  the   TV   coaxial Flux  , he find   one or two  french channels   (  M6 TV )  and the video is good  ; but no others channels.And  like you said   , the signal is  PAL or  SECAM  in France .

              I know , it is easy to buy a French SlingBox   ,But the guy has  TWO Canadian Slingbox   ; One in Canada  and an other in France  .

              The problem is  just for the COAXIAL  entry  ( and scanning the  20  TNT Free Channels ) ; no problem for the YUV  , S VIDEO or RCA  Entries .

              And it is easy for  me  to change the date and  number of the last  UE FirmWare  ( 6 MO ) .....with Hxden  .