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    Audio/Remote Responsive, but No video?




      I live in South Korea but I have a slingbox pro solo in the U.S.


      My slingbox is experiencing a technical issue. I would appreciate any help. I am desperately reliant on it each day.


      The audio works fine and the remote appears to be responsive because when I try to change the channel, the bottom of the screen says, "Controlling." However, the video is frozen on the black "Welcome To On Demand" screen. As I mentioned, the audio works though.


      When I change the channel, everything remains the same, but after the "Controlling" appears, optimization appears, and then juiceman's slingbox - streaming. However, the optimization stage stays for 30 - 60 seconds. Additionally, my kbps will not go over 200 since the problem has occurred. I've tried restarting my slingplayer, but it does not help.


      I literally was just watching it and then I turned my computer for ten minutes while I went to get food. When I came back, I turned my computer back on and started my slingplayer. I changed the channel to on demand and that's when it froze.


      Please help me if you can. I'm extremely frustrated. Thank you.