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    Remote not responding


      I don't know how my remote address for my DISH ViP 722k could have changed, but it is 2 now. I'm not sure if it actually did change, but that is my best guess. Can someone send me the thing to make the slingbox interact with remote address 2? I believe that that is the only way to let me use my online remote. It still says that it is operating on IR though.



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          I was away from home for a while (as I said in the other post) and I considered that the remote address might be wrong, but I obviously couldn't change it. I just figured out how to change it back to 1 before ordering new IR blasters, and it worked! I have no idea why the other remote download did not work but I'm just thankful that I don't have to be stressing over a $300 paperweight! Thanks for all of the responses though, the next time i have a question, I know where to go!


          Also a note: I was dumb and didn't read that the light on the IR blasters should have been white, because on the picture it is red. I also forgot to read that I should do an action on slingplayer (used my iPod so I could be next to the IR blaster) when looking for a light. After following these instructions the IR blaster was shown to work, but it's still a mystery how the remote address could have gotten changed.