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    iPad/iPhone remote for Tivo Premiere


      I have read many posts (here and elsewhere) about getting a TiVo Premiere to play nicely with Slingbox.....


      I now have the Sling stand alone app on my Mac working great with Series 3 remote (no ABCD buttons but thats fine)


      But when trying to access on my iPhone or iPad, the remote just doesnt seem to work at all .... odd right?


      any thoughts?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          They use the same remote.   When you installed the Tivo it actually downloads the codes to the Slingbox.  Then any viewer (Slingplayer, WebSlingplayer, SlingCatcher, SlimngPlayer Mobile.....) actually uses the codes inside the Slingbox.   So in theory, if it works on one viewer it must work on the other.


          Doesn't help with your problem, but at least you know the remote itself is not the problem.

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              thanks for the note -- it seems to have corrected itself and yes I can access from iPad and iPhone ..... and all controls work well.

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                  Well, I'm glad your remote corrected itself, but I have the EXACT same problem, and mine sure isn't correcting itself.  I have the TIVO Premiere XL, Sling Box PRO-HD, a pc-based laptop, and an iPad.  Picture great, sound great, everything great, EXCEPT I don't get the Tivo Remote on the iPad.  I DO get it on the Laptop.  On the iPad I get generic remote buttons, very difficult to use and not at all intuitive.  So, it is possible for me to control my Tivo with a good deal of effort, but it sure would be nice to get the Tivo virtual remote on the iPad.  Any thoughts???  Thanks!

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                I just got tivo premiere from RCN.  The remote says RCN Synergy but doesnt work... I am trying the mac stand alone version right now (doesnt work on ipad or iphone either).  Any suggestions?