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    New Slingplayer Update won't work


      Ever since I downloaded the new slingplayer update, the site won't load at all. It's not my box, my android app still works fine. But I can't use slingplayer on my laptop anymore. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to get back to the old version? That one always worked fine.

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          I don't think it's the update; I got forced into the update several days ago.  TODAY I can't even get connected to the company, far from getting to my boxes.  One computer kept hitting an error screen, so I tried from another.. I even logged in and then it got lost.  I'd say something MORE broke at their end.  FIRST they broke the interface from the desktop, leaving us with the poor substitute web page (not keys are my main problem with that).  And now we can't even get into the system... it must connect to the company first, and that part is broken.

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              I am having the same issue. My Slingbox is in another country and I have watched many hours of my home TV while away from home. It has worked so well that I have praised Slingbox for the past 2 years and encouraged others to purchase the product.  However, for the past two days (after I received notice of an upgrade) I have been unable to connect.  Keep getting the message "Connecting to Slingbox in Slingplayer" but nothing happens.  Then I get a message that "Internet Explorer has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly." If I open the Slingbox website manually on either Edge or Firefox I get the same message that it is connecting but nothing happens.  I am not very computer literate but it seems to me that it has to be something with this latest upgrade. I have had my Slingbox reset at home but that does not resolve the issue.