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    blank screen


      I recently had a problem with my 350.  the picture would go dark and IDLE would appear on the screen.

      it would happen at random times. it could happen after 10 minutes or 1 hour or any time.

      I spoke to support at slingbox and no one could explain it.  Finally that unit stopped working all together.

      I purchased another 350 and the same thing started to happen. I can't figure out what is going on.

      Yesterday I got an M-1 set it up and everything was working fine.  Now today a similar thing is happening,

      This time the screen is going white at random times I have to go into task manager and close it, and then re start slingplayer.

      This is crazy.  Prior to these events I've used sling boxes for years with no problems at all.

      It's weird that this is happening with three different units.

      Several other people have commented that they are having the same problem.