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    Slingbox Classic, Tuning Adapter and Tivo Premiere


      I have 2 of the original Slingbox Classics (SBC) that I have used for several years. Recently, I obtained a Tivo Premiere (TP) with cablecard (CC) and have it setup with TWC and the Cisco tuning adapter (TA).


      The problem I am having is hooking the SBC up to work with these new devices. I stopped using the hdmi out on the TP and tried using component to tv and composite to SBC...will not work. The ONLY thing that seems to work is when I split the signal either before the TA or after coming out of the TA


      Of course I can only do that with the coax connection and then run that to the SBC. Problem there is I dont get all the channels because it isnt being decrypted by the tivo and CC


      TVP has no Svideo connection or coax connection to use with the TP. It does have the composite but, it doesnt seem to work with or without the hdmi in use.


      Any ideas of what else I can try to still be able to use this "relic" aka SBC?