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    error connecting


      I have had a slingbox solo for a few weeks and every so often when I try to connect I fail and get the message "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again. Do you want to retry?" No amount of retrying will connect it. The only thing to do is switch off the router and switch it on again.This is fine if I am near the router but no good if I am away from home. Is it a problem with the slingbox or with the router? Any ideas please?



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          Hi Jennyandgraham,


          It seems to be an issue with the router, it's changing the IP of the Slingbox very often. You can try to assign a static IP address to your Slingbox and then run the Internet Viewing setup again with that IP address.


          Using a static (fixed) IP address with your Slingbox (Watch on Slingbox.com)


          I hope this helps!



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              I have a similar problem but its not obvious how to raise a new issue. 5 times now... I have connected via browser to my solo and its just got stuck (frozen screen, inability to connect).  It requires a reboot at the far end.  This is.. ****.


              Its not been this bad before using the app in Windows.  So.. why is  this happening and why can't your software detect that a reset is required, Can you imagine how awkward and inconvenient it is to restart the remote end and how frustrating it is that your box doesn't do what it should?  Its not acceptable to say "oh reset it when you get back home".  I was going to recommend this to others but in the light of the inability to remotely restart the box I can't.  This update is not consumer-ready.  Its unusable when it fails.  Ever hear of a watch-dog reset?