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    Slingbox Screen Black, Audio Fine


      OK, I have a strange problem.  Specifically....


      I watch both of my Slingboxes daily from several sources.  At work, through the Slingplayer software for Windows, at home through Slingplayer for Mac,   and mobile via the iPhone or iPad.  I have both an HD and Classic.  I have had these working without issue for a very long time.


      Today, I moved my PC from one office to another.  I reset up everything and now Slingplayer on my windows machine will only show audio - it says it is streaming at a high bit rate and the audio works fine, just a black screen.  I also tried it through my browser - same problem.  When I run the setup routine, the video shows fine in the little box that plays during setup.


      HOWEVER, via mobile on my iPhone and iPad and at home via my MAC Slingplayer everything works fine.  On BOTH Slingboxes.


      What in the world could have changed on my windows PC to block just the video for both Slingplayer and through sling.com on both my HD and Classic Slingboxes. 


      This is more of a PC issue but I'm stumped!  All I did was move my PC.


      Please help.  Thank you!

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          Hi, mwindeler


          The information you have posted indicates that the Slingbox is a healthy unit, otherwise the issue would be reflected on all of your Slingbox-related devices and applications.


          This fact leads us to recommend you to check if your computer is running under the latest video drivers update. If you do not know how, you will need to contact your computer provider.