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    HELP! IR emitters working, but receiver not reacting.


      My classic just died and I replaced it with a solo. Everything was working correctly at time classic died. First 2 received had bad IR port. 3rd one all is working on the Solo (light can be seen through digital camera when remote triggered). Problem is, not signal is being received, or at least acted upon, by the 322. Here is what I have done:


      1. Confirmed receiver's remote does work with receiver and it is fully functional.

      2. Set up otherwise is working.

      3. Soft reset 322.

      4. Hard reset 322 (power off/on w/ 30 second wait.)

      5. Attempted reconfiguring solo from new computer via sling web interface.

      6. Constructed a "shadow-box" around the IR emitters to block outside light.


      Have an AV on the network on a different receiver and it continues to work correctly.


      Power test, channel change - nothing works. Receiver I have is an Echostar 322. I have tried Echostar 322; Echostar Dish 322 and Dish Network 322 as the receiver -- all are essentially the same and the remote shown is correct, but same problem with all of them.


      What else can I do, this makes no sense.