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    PRO-HD problems with Freeview DVB-T in Australia


      I bought a Slingbox PRO-HD to replace my old Slingbox AV last week - knowing I needed a PAL compatible Slingbox for use in Australia, and that our local distributor only sells the inferior Pro and Solo models, I bought a SB300-110 model from the UK. It works great with Foxtel iQ2 HD on component output, and at first worked great with Freeview channels over DVB-T from a terrestrial antenna - it tuned in 25 channels in Sydney, which is about right, and they all worked fine. The channel numbering wasn't right, but who cares.


      The Slingbox web site site prompted me to firmware upgrade it to version 2.1.80, and the iPad app insisted upon it - but immediately after doing that Freeview has mostly stopped working.


      The Slingbox now scans in 34 channels and knows their names, but gets no video signal and no audio on most Freeview TV channels (ABC, SBS, Nine and Ten networks). Just to make things more confusing, it can still play the audio from the Freeview radio stations (ABC DiG, SBS Radio) and still receives the 7, 7two, 7mate and TVS TV channels correctly.


      I've tried resetting the unit and rescanning, but no joy. Setting it to another country (tested UK and Denmark) then scanning finds zero channels, so it must have some clues built into the firmware about the correct FEC/guard/QAM settings for tuning in Australian DVB-T.


      Support have advised the firmware can't be downgraded and that they can RMA the unit, but obviously it's a firmware bug, not a hardware fault. I'm not sure what firmware version the Slingbox started out with, but at some point the DVB-T tuner code has become incompatible with most Australian DVB networks.


      Anyone have any ideas how to fix or debug this issue - or get this problem on the radar of the Slingbox firmware team?