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    HDMI a/b switch a solution for disabled TWC component output?

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      TWC Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8240 HD


      After struggling and researching a great deal I came to the same sad conclusion as others:  Time Warner Cable was deactivating the Component output of my DVR when it was connected to my TV via HDMI resulting in no Video feed to my Slingbox.  My TV is mounted to the wall with HDMI cable running behind the wall so dropping component cables from my TV down the wall to my DVR is a dealbreaker.  I'm too deeply invested in HDMI technology to step back to Component.


      My current work-around is to unplug the HDMI cable from the back of the TV everytime I leave the house with my IPAD and a plan to sling.  I know....it's a annoying work-around and on occasions that I've forgottent to disconnect the TV I've been SOL.  It's annoyed me to the extent that I've actually referred to my beloved Slingbox as a "Stinkbox".  I know it was unfair and I always apologized to my baby after I simmered down.


      I picked up a Sony STR-DH810 AV Receiver the other day because it advertised the ability to accept multiple HDMI inputs as well as Component or Composite inputs that would upscale to HDMI for my TV.  This sounded great.  Unfortunately it struggled with converting the 1080i or 720p coming in.  The only way I got it to output successfully via HDMI was when I dropped the quality of the Video feed on the DVR to 480p...but it looked horrific on my TV.


      One low-tech solution that I've considered is finding an A/B HDMI switch that I could setup with the A going to my TV and B to nothing (simulating an unplugged HDMI Cable).  It would still be inconvient to have to hit the switch every day but better than yanking the HDMI cable out of the back of TV every day.  I was wondering if we have any reports of the this working successfully and if there are any recommendations for specific switchs.  Thanks.

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          Another solution I think would work would be an HDMI on/off switch.   HDMI goes out from DVR and connects to On/Off switch which has an HDMI out to my HDTV. When watching TV in the living room I would turn switch on like a light switch.  When I'm not watching, I would turn the switch off, effectively severing the HDMI connection between DVR and HDTV but not requiring me to physically yank the HDMI cable out of the back of the TV anytime I want to sling.  Anybody hear of a device like this?