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    WAN OK, LAN No Good.


      I'm pulling out my hair on this one guys. I've owned a Slingbox since the Classic days and been around networking and computers for a while, but maybe I'm just having a brain ****.


      Pro HD, newest firmware. 2.04.522 Slingplayer.


      I don't recall when this all started to break since I have used my Slingbox very infrequently.


      WAN is fine.


      LAN is No good on Windows XP machines (plural), but Win7 is fine. BIZARRE.


      Makes no sense, but it's a fact.


      I can ping the IP from the XP, I unplug the slingbox and it dies. Meaning: Okay, good connection, no duplicates local IP.


      It sees the Slingbox in the directory as a locally found device, but times out when you try to connect.


      It will work after X attempts, but Slingplayer reverts to the Amazon push TCP relay garbage. This is a new feature that Slingmedia added for people who don't know how to or can't port forward correctly.


      I can use the XP machine if I manually add a Slingbox in the directory with the WAN IP of my ISP, but that's obviously not how it should work.


      What am I doing wrong here? These computers are on the same switches, same ports, same subnet. The only difference if that two of them are XP (don't work) and 1 is a Win 7 machine.


      Any advice? Also, the properties tab will timeout too, UNLESS I am using the WAN IP, this information pops up instantly. I even turned off the firewall on one of the WinXP machines. Makes no sense. I tried 2.03.508 on the XP machine and it didn't work. I tried to downgrade the firmware on the Slinbox Pro, but it wouldn't go

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          i have exactly the same problem! please advice once you get some answers

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            fixed mine! just now.


            go to slingbox directory

            add another slingbox

            use IP address option

            use the Local LAN IP for connectivity!


            then just connect!



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                Sorry, I've tried this already. I even went as far as doing a factory reset on the device.


                I even removed all the switch gear and connected both XP machine and Slingbox with only the router in the middle and it still gives a timeout error.


                Win 7, it worked fine. (and when I say works, I mean it works without your hack)


                And as far as your solution is concerned, that's a temporary fix. It should work on the LAN without your workaround.


                Does Slingmedia test with XP anymore?

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                Wow, what a ride it has been...


                Mind you, this is after I already did a factory reset.


                I changed my router (Actiontec MI424WR) to an old Dlink 624 and it started to work!


                Still  very odd. I then did a factory reset again, and put the Actiontec back  as the router. BUT this time I let Slingmedia pick the IP address where  as before I was going into the advance menu and specifically selecting Sling picked I didn't see a means to select  DHCP.


                After I let Sling pick the IP, everything has been fine on my Windows XP machines.


                This was AFTER I downgraded my firmware and used a slew of switch and cable configurations, and Slingplayer versions.


                There  still is something very fishy going on and I think it might be a bug of  some sorts, but It may be overlooked since very few people go into the  advanced menu, use a 10.x address and use a MI424WR.


                Hope this helps anyone else with similar timeout issues.