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    Deleted from iPod, Can't Re-install


      I was not getting audio, so tried uninstalling / installing.


      But when I try to install again in iTunes, I get the message:
      The app "Slingplayer" was not installed on the iPod because it requires a newer version of iPod software.
      The iPod is version 3.1.3 - says its up to date.
      Installs fine on my iPhone ... what gives ?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          You have old firmware on your iPod Touch. The new sling Player required 4.2 or above.


          The current firmware released by Apple is 4.2.1, which can be applied though iTunes.


          Only after updating can you load the latest sling player you downloaded.

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              Seems I have a first generation iPod that only can run up to 3.1.3


              So the version of Sling Player that I deleted from it (and was working on it for a year without problems) is now gone, and the updated version that I have downloaded through iTunes can't be loaded onto it to replace it.


              Is there a way to download the previous version of Slingplayer that WILL install on my first gen iPod ?

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                  dbsguy Apprentice

                  You can update any ipod touch, iphone or ipad to the latest version of firmware no matter what generation your runing.


                  To be able to download current iPod firmware directly from Apple you will have to follow these steps:
                  1.  Make sure you are using iTunes 10.1.2. (If not, update your iTunes as well).

                  2.  Connect your iPod to your computer.
                  3.  When iTunes opens, select your iPod under Devices in the Source List on the left.
                  4.  In the iPod Summary pane, click Check for Update.
                  5.  Click Download and Install. Do not disconnect your iPod until the update has finished.

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                      Here is a screen cap of my iPod hooked up to iTunes - it says it is up to date running iOS 3.1.3.


                      The second screen cap is from the Apple web site - iOS 4 can only be run on 2nd gen iPods and above.


                      So I can't load the current version of the Slingplayer back onto onto my first gen iPod.


                      I am wondering if it is possible to find and download the previous version of the Slingplayer (the one that DID work on my first gen iPod until I deleted it).

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                          dbsguy Apprentice

                          You just can't simply find an old version on the net and load it to your iPod. Each app is associated with a particular iTunes account; unless your jailbroken (which is the only way possible to do what your wanting).


                          You could however try contacting sling media; however they are probably going to tell you so sorry but there's nothing we can do----and they'll only tell you that after you pay a $30.00 phone support fee to even talk with them since your well out of the "90 day free phone support" phase....


                          If you haven'y cleared out your windows trashcan since you deleted the old app, you might want to see if it's still there. If so you can delete the new version then restore the old one back into iTunes. This would be the best case senario for you to pursue.

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                              Actually in a Mac world - and Time Machine saved the day !


                              Went back a couple months and there was the older version in my iTunes folder !


                              Restored it to my current iTunes and loaded it onto my iPod - working again !


                              Thanks for tweaking my brain to think of this.

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                                  I have the same problem, with a first gen IPOD, but I never had the software. Is there any way to get it?  

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                                      dtommyd Newbie

                                      I've got the same issue.  Older models of iPhones and Touches can't be updated past 3.1.3 .  Then if you have something newer like and iPad (me) iTunes is so helpful it updates the app for you.  This isn't a Slingbox problem it's an iTunes / Apple problem.  Although since I bought a SlingBox and paid $30 for the iPhone app then paid another $30 for the iPad app I'd like some help getting the older version.  Issues like this really force us to become hackers because I'll put it back on one way or the other.  I'm apparently out of options this way.

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                          So did anyone find a solution to this that doesn't have a backed up IPA file? My daughter deleted the SlingPlayer app on my first generation Itouch and now all Itunes has is the 2.3.3 version. Am I out of luck any money down the drain?