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    S-video versus Composite video With Droid

    jimfitzgerald Apprentice

      Is there any appreciable difference in video quality when viewing the output of a Slingbox SOLO on a Droid using S-video versus composite video?


      I have a Slingbox SOLO connected to my Charter cable box using component cables.  Everything works great when viewing the Slingbox output on my laptop or Droid.  I also have a Roku connected to my Slingbox using the available S-video connection.  I use the Roku primarily to watch Netflix on my HDTV which is connected via HDMI.  I also use the Roku to watch Netflix on my Droid via the S-video connection.


      I just ordered a new Roku which is 1080p capable as well as 5.1 surround sound.  Again, this is primarily for watching Netflix on my HDTV.  However, when I connect the new Roku to my Slingbox for viewing on the Droid, I will have to use composite video.  The new Roku does not have S-video.  The other option would be to keep both Roku's and use the new one for connection to my HDTV and the old one for connection to my Slingbox via S-video.


      I have read that there is a noticable difference in video quality between S-video and composite when viewing on a tv.  Again, my question, will there be a noticable difference between S-video and composite video when viewing on a Droid.  I'm guessing, probably not.