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    Does the Slingbox PRO-HD really support Apple TV?


      I recently purchased a Slingbox PRO-HD based on what I was informed is its ability in work with Apple TV.  However, when I opened the package and read the User Guide I learned there are no HDMI inputs yet my Apple TV only provides HDMI and no analog outputs.  Looking at 'Connections' under the PRO-HD 'Products' page, it clearly states under 'What Devices Can I Connect?' Apple TV.  This is corroborated when following 'Supported Video Sources'

      (http://www.slingbox.com/docs/IO/4839/DLW.swf) that states:

      'Good News!  Your Slingbox PRO-HD is compatible with your Apple Apple TV'


      Can someone help me?  I must be missing something here.

      I appreciate any assistance.