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    Solo won't complete setup


      My Solo was working fine for a few weeks. I bought it used from a friend, so it's out of warranty. I tried a new router and it wouldn't connect so I went back to the old router. Now it finds the slingbox on the network and it starts the setup but loses connection every time, sometimes just before completing it but usually shortly after starting. Is it just a bad piece of hardware? I have reset both the router and the Slingbox MANY times and followed all the steps in every troubleshooting tip Sling provides. I've switched the Ethernet and power adapter cables and have been able to get my old Slingbox AV to work, so that's not the issue. NOTHING is working and it's very frustrating after spending the money on the box and $30 each on the iphone and ipad apps.

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          Have you reset the slingbox from the depressed red button on the back of the unit. you'll have to do this while the unit is plugged in. Press and hold the button until the unit resets; then resetup the unit with the slignplayer setup asisstant again.