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    Latest Slingplayer for IPad and Slingbox M2

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      Could anyone confirm that the latest Slingplayer for IPad is incompatible with Slingbox M2.  It sure looks that way considering that my 2 Android devices capture the video stream no problem and transfer the video stream to my TV no problem.  But by contrast, I can capture the video stream only intermittently with my IPad and when I do get it running on the IPad, the icon to transfer to Roku never, never appears.  This is despite the fact that I have used the manual utility in the app to enter the IP address for my Roku, and the Slingbox for IPad even responds affirmatively that it had found and connected with the Roku.  But forget about being able to then transfer the video over to the Roku  ---  there's just no way!


      I see from the Slingbox website that a number of features on the Slingplayer for IPad don't work with Slingbox M2.  Isn't this just a problem that the Slingplayer for IPad is completely incompatible with Slingbox M2?   Please advise!