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    Slingbox Solo

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      My computer can't find my slingbox on the network. Why? The network light on the slingbox

      is not flashing. All connections are ok.

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          ms.T Novice

          Did you do a hard reset? Is this the first time you are setting up the Solo? Is it on the same network?


          And when you say computer, do you mean the slingplayer for desktop?

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                           I have been using my sling box for many years.

              Aproblem occured on an outside electric transformer and my net work people (videotron) had to replace the terminal,


              The network i am using in Florida is comcastè.

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                  ms.T Novice

                  When that happened did anything change on your home network where the slingbox is located? New password to your network? New router? If so, it's probably just a simple matter of reconfiguring the network to the slingbox. You can also perform a hard reset, and set it up. But, I would recommend just reconfiguring to the network IF that's the case.

                  If it's not that, providing as much information as possible would tell me what the issue is.