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    slingbox solo - working fine for a month - no video but has sound




      ive had the slingbox solo working for a month now.


      it was working fine and tested in my home network.


      was working fine and tested remotely 4000 miles away using my sling catcher or sling player for the last 3 weeks.


      now all of a sudden the video has vanished??????


      connecting info-


      connected to - amstrad sky+ box (NON HD)


      Net at source-


      download speed - 7.5

      unpload speed - 0.6


      net at remote location-


      download speed -16

      upload speed - 1.2


      red and white audio - connected straight from sling box to sky box red and white audio out.


      yellow video - connected from sling box to scart adapter (supplied by slingbox) - note also used red and white from scart but no difference - which doesnt matter as its the video with the issue. (tested and working)


      s - video - connected from slingbox to sky box (tested and working)


      slingbox firmare - latest




      there is no HDCP coz its not an HD box or slingbox.


      cant find any information that the sky+ box has  - Selectable Output Control so im guessing is doesnt


      both the s - video and yellow compsite cable outputs have been correctly set up via sling player and where working fine


      there is no tv connected to the sling or sky box. it is only used for remote viewing.


      ive tried both windows explorer and firefox (which worked before) sling player with no results. also both with another latop in a different location.


      all the connection and tight and secure - had someone check them


      both the sling and sky+ box where turned off at the wall for more than 10 seconds then rebooted.


      and finally i had someone connect a scart from the sky+ box to a TV- WITH PERFECT PICTURE


      so only the slingbox video is not working and has nothing to do with the sky output!!!!!!!???????


      i have now removed the s - video cable as ive proved the scart / yellow cable is working so im only trying to work with that. although the s -video was working fine also until yesterday.


      it has a note on the bottom left of the sling player, beside the signal strength stating - no video signal???


      ive gathered all the above information from all the other chats on the support page so can someone please give me some more advice??


      the slingbox, sling catcher and sky+ box are only 1 month old and i personally set them up while home. all was working remotely until yesterday.


      would be great if someone knew what is going on.



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          I'm having the same problem. Everything was working fine on my laptop and my iPhone, and now my video connection is not working. Everything is set up and plugged in as it was before, but for some unknown reason I get a message that there's no video signal.

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            it could be that your internet has dropped out at home, if so there is nothing you can do ,my neighbour reset my router and got mine working again after 3 weeks down.good luck.

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                Honestly, if they can hear audio and not see video, network is fine. Else you can't even hear anything.

                I'm having the same issue with a friend's box in Australia. I really suspect that the box is damaged or

                composite cable is damaged. Too bad, ain't got any feedback from him yet...


                Try swapping the cables (less costly). If not, its time to change a box. RMA if under warranty.

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                    thanks for some of your advice.


                    the network at the origin seem ok. its very hard to sort stuff, as you will all know when trying to relay stuff through ur mother etc that dont have much knowledge of anything. i cant be sure with the network tho. but i do know they the laptops in the house are working fine.


                    this is very annoying. i am getting some vision back now. very slow and very poor.


                    i didnt mention before that only had the s-video cable connected (which is a decent one with gold plating) about 3 days before all this started happening.


                    i dont know if that makes any difference. it may just be chancethat all this happened at the same time.

                    in anycase as i mentioned before i removed the s-video cable just incase.


                    ive ordered a scart to component (RGB) gold plated cable off amazon. i'll have that fitted and tested to see if theres any difference.


                    the sky isnt really watchable but i can watch, listen and control. so im going to try one more thing before contacting sling for warranty replacement.

                    i really dont want to do that. because i will then need to rely on my mother or sister to connect the new one up. could be a disaster.


                    im getting my mother to phone up her internet service provider to check if there's a possible usage limit in place or perhaps they can up the speed (which is doubtful)

                    the speed should not matter if the box was working fine for a month on that speed. will give it bash anyways.


                    will let u'z know if that makes any improvement.