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    Closed captioning?


      Closed captioning is on when I watch Slingbox.  How do I turn it off?  Is it via Slingbox or on the cablebox?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          That's comming from your cable set top box; simply turn off that option in the cable box's menu or by your providers remote button to do so.


          In sling's stand alone player there is an option to pass or turn off closed captioning by pressing alt-q.

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              Hi. I am a hard-of-hearing person who would also like to watch TV with closed-captiong on when using Sling Player on either Mozila Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome... and also on my Apple iPad 2. I did press ALT+Q as the previous post commented... no luck. I'm using Mozilla Firefox Slingplayer version 1.5.xxxxxxx (whatever #'s come after that). I don't see Slingbox Player version 2.0. Does that version contain CC option? Thank you!


              William Westerso

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  I am betting that you might find the answer in looking for a slightly different model of remote control for your SB setup.   So, for example, when you are sitting in front of your TV with your real cable box remote, what buttons do you push on that cable box remote to turn the close captioning on and off on your TV?  I think you will want to set up the "virtual remote" for your SB so that you can push that same key on your virual remote.