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    Compatibility with Google TV?


      Hey all!

      I was thinking of getting a Slingbox, but I can't get a second cable box on my line (big issue, hard to explain).  So what I am wondering is if I can connect a slingbox into a Logitech Revue with the outputs on the back of the Slingbox, through an HDMI converter, and then to the TV.  If I can do this, will the slingbox software ever show up?  While it isn't a problem with me, the rest of my family has already become accustomed to the Google TV and I know that I won't ever hear the end of it if I change it only a month after getting the Revue.  So my question is, essentially, if the slingbox remote is not being used, does it just produce a standard cable-style output?  Or am I missing something completely here?