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    (2) Router Set Up for Internet Viewing


      I have (2) routers connected to my Home Network.  The primary router is a 2 wire modem / router combination unit.  The secondary router is a Linksys E2000.  I have both routers to expand coverage in my house. (PS. I've tried using access point repeaters to expand coverage, but it wouldn't work.  I'd prefer to set up both routers if possible)

      I can connect to the Internet via both routers, but can only do Sling Internet Viewing on the primary router.  Can someone walk me thru step by step how to configure both router to communicate and allow Internet Viewing on both?  (I'm above a novice user & slightly below advanced.)

      Lastly, I've read thru the multiple router set up under Sling FAQ's, but the steps seem to be a bit more complex vs. what I'm capable of doing....hence the need for step by step instuctions against the specific routers I have.  Help please!!!  Thx.

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          Hi DWhite,


          Unfortunately this is the only article that we have about setting up Internet Viewing when you have multiple routers,


          Help setting up Internet Viewing when you have multiple routers


          First, you need start the Setup Assistantand during the manual setup for Internet Viewing you will get the default gateway, probably 192.168.X.X, so you need to open the an Internet browser and paste that IP on the address bar, that will give you the access of the Linksys router, follow this steps to setup Internet Viewingon the Linksys. After that, access the "Status" tab on the router and copy that default gateway and open a new window, paste the IP to access the Modem and follow this steps. Remember that you need to create the rule on the modem for the router, not for the Slingbox; you need to use the same port in both setups (5001).


          Then, just run the Setup Assistant with the IP that you used for the Slingbox during the Linksys Internet Viewing setup and that will do it!


          Let us know how it works.