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    Incomplete program guide using iphone ap on ipad


      I'm using the updated iphone ap on my ipad with a slingplayer pro (firmware updated). Some channels come up in the program guide but most do not and never a channel above 99. I 've created favorites lists on my sling account and in the ap and neither approach produces the set of channels I've selected in the " mobile  favorites" or  "all channels" tabs. When I'm in the ap edit function all of the channels from my cable provider are available to be selected. Is the slingplayer mobile guide supposed to work with my configuration?  If so, does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?

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          Hi Slingboy22,


          I recommend to run the Setup Assistant using a computer at the Slingbox location and then change the guide settings, probably you have selected the right provider but only as local, so it will only show 99 channels. Have a look at this,


          Channel lineups or channels missing or unavailable in SlingPlayer for Windows



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              Thank you for your reply, Fofo.


              I confess I don't understand what "... probably you have selected the right provider but only as local" means in your reply.  I went through all of the settings on the up-to-date windows player (running on Windows 7), as well as the setup settings for the program guide and internet viewing at slingbox.com, and I can't find anything that might explain what you mean by "only as local".


              I've previously viewed the link you posted in your reply (which might prove helpful to others because I didn't find it the first time I searched the forums)  and submitted answers on the form provided.  Perhaps I'm being dense, but I also don't see anything on the linked page that clarifies the "only as local" reference either.


              That said, tonight I ran the setup assistant again. Before connecting to the player I also went into the program guide settings on my cable box, thinking there might be something I was missing there. I didn't change anything, but I did scroll through all of the channels in the favorites list tabs. I first connected to the program guide on the local computer and, as has always been the case, most of the program information for the channels I get through my provider was there.  I then connected to player and guide at slingbox.com and the program information populated for most channels for the first time. The digital music channel information that had been there before was now gone, however, and the date is incorrect, even though the guide information for today's time slots is accurate. There are still a few channels for which the program information information is missing on the slingbox.com guide (and the player guide on my local computer), which I verifed by going directly to the Zap 2 It guide on their website. Btw, I was able to tune many unpopulated channels by clicking on the channel in both guides.


              If this isn't confusing enough, I then ran the iphone app (on an ipad) and the program information for most of the channels also populated for the first time. However, unlike the slingbox.com guide, the digital music information is there along with a few other channels that still won't populate on the guide at slingbox.com. The current date is correct on the ipone ap guide.


              I don't know what you were suggesting in your original post, but it might be useful to me and others in the future if you could elablorate in this thread.


              As for the sequence of events ...  it's possible but (from my admittedly jaded POV) doubtful that I did something tonight when running the setup assitants on my windows 2.0 player and slingbox.com player different from previous attempts, which partially solved the problem.  It's also possible that running through (without actually changing) the guide settings in the cable box is responsible, but I doubt that too.  Perhaps the glitch that had prevented the information from populating previously coincidentally cleared up or was proactively fixed on Slingbox' end today. To summarize, I'm better off today than I was yesterday but I don't know why.


              TIA for anything else you can add.


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