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    Slingbox not recognising video signal from arial


      I'm trying to set up my new slingbox Pro using the slingplayer setup software I've downloaded from this site. The only input signal is a via coaxial cable (which is about is about 16 years old) running from an arial which I know has a good signal because it serves a digital TV very well. When I reach the set up screen that asks me to chose the input I specify the arial option. A message saying "no video signal is available" is displayed and there is a loud hissing/crackling noise from my speakers. When I didconnect the coaxial from the slingbox the hissing/crackling is just the same. So it seem that there is no signal being accepted by the slingbox at all. I checled the coaxial connections and they were good. I aborted set up at that point. Can anyone help please.

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          If your in the USA, I dont think the Slingbox Pro has an ATSC tuner. Its Analog only so there are no longer any signals for it to find. The USA has been 100% Digital for a few years now,


          The antenna (or aerial if you prefer) you are trying to use works with the diguital TV because the digital tv has a built in ATSC tuner.


          Their are many digital set top boxes available that will receive the digital ATSC signal and outut to the Sling. Just treat the Slingbox as an older analog only TV.