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    No video on SB PRO since the new year


      No video issue with my SLINGBOX PRO, started right after the new year.  I have a lot of experience trouble-shooting so I have tried everything.  Past issue I had with this box was the speed drop issue which I fixed with a firmware rollback.  Tried that again here and did not help.  Currently have the most up-to-date firmware back on the box.  Tried a different router, no help.  Cannot get video through S-video, composite or coax to work.  Sometimes I get sound and a choppy / distorted barely visible image, other times it times out and cannot connect.  The player says "No Video".  I have tried 3 different players on Mac, Windows, and Iphone.  None work.  Have also tried multiple cables, etc etc etc.  Anything you can think of, I have tried it. 


      Another thing I tried was to make sure my Fios box was outputting the image with HDMI cable hooked up by taking the S-video, composite and coax cables to a TV, all three work.  One thing I did notice was that when I ran the composite and s-video first to the slingbox, then out to the TV, I did not get an image on the TV.  I did using the Coax but still, none will show a image on the Slingbox.  This is more than a video problem, I am able to connect sometimes to it and others times not.  Its like something is slowly dieing inside of it.


      Other forums have threads that talk about replacing the capacitors in their SB Solos and that has solved their video problems.  Who knows.

      Very frustrated at this point and do not have a solution.