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    Why is my Slingbox only working when my TV is on?!

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      I realize that this discussion may have been posted in the past, but I can't find anything that is recent nor exactly relevant to my situation.


      My cable service provider is Comcast and I subscribe to their Xfinity cable service. I have three TVs in the house that all have cable. One TV has the main X1 set top box, which is the one that has the DVR and can pause and rewind live TV. The other two TVs are in bedrooms and have the small additional set top boxes from Comcast that can't rewind or pause live TV, but you can still access your DVR recordings, access ondemand, etc. Just to be clear, none of these set top boxes, whether the main X1 box or the additional small ones, have components outputs or inputs. Only HDMI is available. In fact, the X1 main set top box has an HDMI output and input, but the small boxes only have an HDMI input.


      I recently purchased a Slingbox M2 to be installed in one of the bedrooms with the small additional set top box from Comcast. I of course did all my research and came to the understanding that component cables are going to be the best way to get the most out of my slingbox, and so I purchased the HDMI to component converter from Gang Hu. So, thinking that I'm all set, I went ahead and connected everything. Here is what how my connection is:


      1) HDMI output from set top box goes into the Gang Hu converter in the HDMI input.


      2) A set of component cables goes from the Gang Hu converter as output into the Slingbox M2 component input source, as well as a set of audio cables.


      3) Then a set of component cables goes from the Slingbox M2 as output into the TV component input source as well as a set of audio cables.


      I turn on the TV, and no issues, everything is working. I go into the Slingplayer app on my iPhone or iPad and it's working. Great, right? The problem is, when I turn off the TV the slingplayer then goes to a blue screen and reads "Weak or no video signal detected." I don't get any audio either. As soon as I turn the TV back on, picture and audio return to the slingplayer.


      What the **** is happening?! Is is possible there is some kind of protection in the small Comcast set top box?


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          You are right, this subject has been done to death on the forum, but yours is a new wrinkle on the problem.   On the face of it makes no sense, as the HDCP signal can be carried only by the digital HDMI cables.   Bur from what you say the ONLY connection going into the TV is the analog component cables and they cannot carry sort of signalling signal, so in theory the set top box has no way of knowing if the TV is on or off.


          What happens if you take out the component leads from the OUT plugs on the Slingbox ?  (I assume you aren't using an HDMI cable on the TV)