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    if Power is off on DVR iphone SPlayer wont connect, but iPad will.



      So i have 2 slingboxes, yes they are setup correctly with different port forwarding rules, etc.

      If i use my iPad or sling.com i can connect to either one, all the time.

      However, i've noticed that my iPhone can only connect to my slingbox connected to my TIVO, which never turns off. (That slingbox is the slingbox SOLO).

      But for my other device, my DVR, unfortunately my cable provider likes to update their DVR and default to power "OFF" so at times my DVR is turned off.

      WHen i try to connect to the slingbox that is connected to my DVR (its a slingbox AV), it wont connect. Fails.

      I can see the slingbox is getting the connection, left furthest light turns on, middle light turns off, but then after 5 seconds, the lights go back to their normal 2 "on" state, and the iphone app shows it failed connection.

      If i use my iPad or sling.com from my laptop, it will connect just fine, and show me a blank screen at which time i click REMOTE icon, and do POWER button.


      So, my question is... is this a bug that somehow only affects iphone access to devics that are turned off?

      Anybody else able to recreate this issue?