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    Slingbox advice, dish, cable


      I live in town and receive cable through our local cable provider. My parents live right outside city limits in a new subdivision. Cable has not made it out there yet and we are not sure when, cable will be laid that is. The subdivision is still new with only 3 houses. Local cable company will not lay cable until certain amount of houses are built. So they get cable from satellite. Also for Internet they are using Verizon broadband (cable company also provides phone and internet, but same situation as above). My question is can i use a slingbox at my house and use there mobile broadband connection to access my tv. Main reason is we can view local channels that are provided through my cable company. Also, i would still need to look into connecting their Verizon mifi device to their tv's. They have newer Sony TVs with lan connections on back.

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          It depends on how much their broadband capacity is to download the signal.  I also don't know anything about their tv and ability to view the Slingbox.  You may have to watch it on a laptop.  I would just put up an over-the-air antenna for local channels.