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    Slingbox ProHD Constantly Loses Connection


      Recently my Slingbox ProHD has had problems when using remote viewing. Every 5-10 minutes when watching the picture freezes and there is no more audio, and nothing seems to react. But if I click on pause then exit the program (or internet site the same occurs while using both) then reopen the program, the show i was watching is now paused. So i know that it is still getting a signal, just the audio and video seem to freeze!


      I have had this slingbox for around 2 years and before that i had a Slingbox Pro for nearly 4 years. I haven't changed any of my internet settings either here where i am watching remotely or at home where my slingbox is related.


      Firmware is the most up to date version. I have tried resetting all combinations of devices (Cable modem, Router, Slingbox, Cablebox)


      I recently updated the firmware (Version 2.1.91) but the problem seemed to start a few weeks after. Also sometimes i am completely unable to connect to the slingbox and it needs to be reset manually from home. But even after being reset the problem is still there. I would say every 2nd day i need to reset it.


      Can anyone help me out here! If you need any other information then please let me know! It's not too enjoyable to watch when it keeps freezing so any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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          Hi, nayr0526


          Even though you have updated the Slingbox PRO HD firmware version and it seems that this update has affected your Slingbox, it is not the reason for the current behavior.


          We recommend you to apply a power cycle to your home network and test the connection one more time. Make sure to follow this recommendation and post your results.

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              I am having the same problem with my Slingbox Pro, and it started about 4 days ago.  Terrible picture, then it gets a little better, then freezes, or I lose the signal completely.  You recommend a "power cycle" be added to ones home.  What do you mean by "power cycle"?  Exactly what is this?  Thanks!


              Best Regards,


              JERRY B.

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                  Bash Newbie

                  I had been experiencing the intermittent freeze problem so heavily discussed in another thread and my host was resetting it every so often to keep this from happening.  Last week he reconnected my SB after putting new carpet in the room where he had it set up.  The performance after this was terrible.  It was streaming only to about 500 Kbps then down to 0, dropping connection frequently and just plain being a pain.  This weekend he replaced the coax cables that connect the cable box to the system and also his Comcast internet with very high quality cables because he thought the older style was losing RF energy.  This has made a tremendous change in performance.  The streaming is back up to over 2000 Kbps and it is not losing connection or dropping to very low speeds.  This may be something to consider and it makes sense to me.  I think with good quality cables the internet signal is better and the cable box is receiving a better signal for the TV.