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    No power


      All of a sudden, the Slingbox stopped working.  I disconnected from internet and TV and plugged directly into wall outlet, but no power light is showing.  Does this mean the Slingbox is shot?

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          mine did the same thing.  It was the transformer.  I tried a universal plug and the power light came on but now it won't connect to the network.

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            Hi, lanric


            If your Slingbox is not showing the power light on, we recommend you to check this link.


            The lights on the front of your Slingbox


            If you need to purchase the power supply, feel free to check this link in order to get all the information.


            Replacement Parts

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              I need a replacement power supply for my Slingbox Classic but the link above refers to an American unit whereas I live in the UK. Where can I get one from in the UK? If Sling don't sell them what spec do I need for a general 6V power supply?

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                I have the same problem too.. no power on my SB Classic anymore. I live in the UK, so what spec adaptor is required if I'm unable to purchase a replacement UK power unit here ?

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                  Come on guys.. where's the customer support here ??? ! I'm asking on behalf of all UK users here..


                  I spent a lot of money on this unit, which I can no longer use! All I need is a new power adapter.. so where do UK users buy a genuine UK version Slingbox spare from ??


                  So far, I tried calling PC World (where I originally bought it from) and they don't supply them, they also have no idea where to get one from!! I also called PartMaster and they don't have them either.. there must be somewhere in the UK where we can purchase this from ??

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                    Did anyone ever get their issue resolved? I moved, packed up my slingbox and today I plugged it in and guess what!  No power! Now I am reading all of your issues on this forum and was wondering if anyone got their issue resolved.  If anyone knows if the power adapter/supply unit would be replaced and would work I might get one.  If anyone has any feedback for me I would appreciate it.  I don't want to throw more money away if I don't need to.

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                      My Slingbox Classic has sopped working most of the time.Sometimes it  turns on all by itself othertimes it won't come on at all, no power  light...nothing. I thought it might be the power supply so I purchased a  new one from Sling, it has made no difference at all. Any help,  gratefully received.

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                          Been gone for several weeks accessing from remote. Suddenly stopped working. Got back home replugged the lights came on and then went back upstairs and everything is dead. Did what the other user did and unplugged everything from TV and reconnected only slingbox to power supply. Nothing happened. I noticd the unit was running hot before I left town. What I don't want to do is buy a power supply and the unit still does not work like another posted noted. Before, I buy another sling box I would wait for some competing technoloby. I already own ROKU XDS. Has anyone solved this problem?


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                          I was having the same problem (no power/network lights)! My power supply rattled when I disconnected it. I bought the replacement part via slingmedia and I immediately got power and lights and was able to view via my sling again!!  Unfortunately it lasted about a week, now no power once again. 


                          Anyone else have this happen?  Any suggestions?


                          Thanks in advance!

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                              I have power problem with my slingbox too. Tested the original power adaptor with other devices, it seems to work fine. I used a  different power adaptor (that's working) on my slingbox, still no light. I only started using it in February. Hardly 3 months, and its busted now.

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                              Am having the same problem.  First connected my Slingbox in December 2011 and have used it from Ireland and other places in the US with no problem.  Last week I tried to connect to it from about 90 miles away and no luck.  When I got home there are no lights at all showing on the front of the box.  Tried all of the power recycle procedures and still no power.  The box is plugged into a surge protected power strip and other electronics on the strip are working fine.  Is there any way that I can check the strip to see if that is the problem.  The brick that now sits next to my television is about to go into the trash!!!  Seeing all of the other issues on this sight and other places on the internet, there is no way that I would ever recommend this to anyone else or even think of buying another one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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                                  Hello mmsarge,

                                  Thanks for reaching out to us in the land of the forums.  We do apologize that you are having issues, just call us!  We want to help.


                                  For US and Canada customers, call 1.877.GO.SLING. For other countries, you can find the correct contact info here.



                                  With Kind Regards,

                                  The Slingbox Moderation Team.

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                                  I just bought a slingbox, took it out of the package and the power light worked for about 45 seconds then shut off.  I have tried numerous options and nothing is getting it to work.  Very disappointing to spend over three hundred dollars for what turns out to be a less than quality piece of equipment.