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    Connecting to someone else's box


      I am in Singapore and I try to connect to my slingbox in the US....when I login and go to Watch it logs on to someone else's tv in the UK.  Any suggestions.

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          Hi avilla24, go to Sling accounts and access your Slingaccount and make sure that your Slingbox is the only one saved, then try to login again in Watch.slingbox.com.


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              Wow, this is crazy! - my daughter is in Singapore and the Slingbox is in NJ- she is having the same issue of connecting to someone else's Slingbox - it seems each time she logs in it first says Hello, xxx.... (which is the correct user ID) and when she clicks Watch, it changes to Hello, zzz... (someone else) and it accesses the other person's TV (it is a different someone else each time she logs in) - if click on Support at this point, it shows the proper Slingbox address, but if go into Profile/Slingbox directory, it shows the other Slingbox address - I will have her delete that Slingbox and add ours when she gets up (its 6PM Sat in NJ, 7AM Sun in Singapore) and see how it goes - if that doesn't work, I'll have her try uninstalling/reinstalling the Sling add-on  - will let you know how it goes...

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                Hi Raphael,


                I am having exactly  the same issue - also in Singapore (my slingbox is in the UK).  I log on as myself in www.slingbox.com - when I click watch, it says hello mcwong1999@gmail.com - which is NOT me.


                My slingbox as been working fine for several months until last night.






                Message was edited by: joyoung Meant to say - I have checked and MY slingbox is the only one attached to my account.  I also changed my password, in case the account had been hacked into - made no difference.  This is REALLY frustrating,,,,,

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                    I also checked and my slingbox is the only one connected when

                    my daughter in Singapore has this problem - I was wrong in my

                    prior post - after clicking "Watch" the "Hello xxx@..." (the correct

                    user ID) switches to "Hello, zzz@... " (someone else - and it is

                    usually someone different than the last time my daughter logged

                    in) - if then click on "Options" it shows the other person's Slingbox

                    address, but when look in Settings or Profile/Slinbox directory, it

                    shows the proper Slingbox address - I had my daughter disable

                    the Sling Web Activex and log in again - this made the web site

                    re-install Sling Web Activex - unfortunately this did not work.

                    She is going to call Sling at (877) 467-5464 (open 7AM - 7PM

                    Pacific Time, 15 hours behind Sigapore) when she gets a chance

                    to have them take over her PC to see the issue for themselves

                    (will probably cost $29.99, but worth it if it solves the issue) -

                    maybe enough calls about the issue will make them think that

                    maybe this is a Sling software problem...  will let you know

                    if/when it is resolved and give the fix if my daughter can explain

                    it to me.

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                        I have tried to ring this number and can't get beyond the first layer of call centre options - press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish - pressing 1 has no effect.  Anyone know of any email address or other way of contracting support?


                        Thx Jo

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                            I haven't found any email for support (unbelieveable!) - here's the main

                            phone number and a couple of addresses...


                            Corporate Headquarters

                            Sling Media, Inc.
                            1051 E. Hillsdale Blvd, Suite 500
                            Foster City, CA 94404

                            +1 650 293 8000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +1 650 293 8000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
                            +1 650 293 8800 fax

                            Research and Development

                            Sling Media Pvt. Ltd.
                            PSS Plaza, #6 Wind Tunnel Road
                            Murugesh Palya
                            Bangalore 560 017

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                              My daughter's slingbox is now connecting to our slingbox thanks to

                              information from Rafael - here is what he said to do:


                              have your daughter download the Slingplayer application
                              from the link below and ask her to try to use it and see if the issue happens
                              there as well.



                              this does not fix the web application, but she is able to watch our TV

                              via this desktop application  -  she will try something Rafael suggested

                              to try to fix the web app when she gets a chance...

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                          Hi your answer to this doesn't work. Looks to be an issue with the Asian Pacific region. When is this issue going to be fixed? I have connected to two different users accounts over the passed 2 weeks. I too am located in Singapore.

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                          I am in Thailand, and am having the exact same issue.  Exactly the same thing is happening to me on WATCH.  I just downloaded the legacy Sling player, and so far it seemed to be working ok.


                          It is very disconcerting though, to have this happen.  I really hope Sling can stay in contact with us on this issue and figure the cause and the solution...


                          Just the thought of someone else being able to connect to my Directv box, and can purchase movies and run up my bill, is scary to say the least....