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    What model to buy


      It is really confusing as to what model to buy?


      I know I want HD and I know I have a coaxial cable wire to connect to the slingbox.


      I just want to input coaxial from cable tv, no dvd, nothing else really.


      So what model?


      What does a catcher do ? Do I need a tuner??


      Confused !!!!!!!!

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          There are really only two choices, the Pro-HD or the SOLO.  There are two main differences, price and the ability to watch a different channel than what someone is watching on your tv.  I bought the SOLO and am happy with it except for the times I am not able to watch what I want because my wife is watching tv in the family room.  The Pro-HD has a built-in tv tuner that allows you to watch a different channel.


          With your Slingbox, you can watch tv on your computer, laptop, or some smartphones (require an additional $30 app).  The SlingCatcher is no longer sold.  It was a device that could receive your Sling tv signal and send it to a different tv.