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    Missing SlingPlayer in Market? FIX FOUND - READ THIS!!


      Like many here, I had previously purcahsed the SlingPlayer app for Android and after I updated to

      2.2.1 the application was missing from the market.


      I have found why this happens (and it does not only affect SlingPlayer) and, moreover,

      how to fix it.


      The Problem: Without getting too techinical, the Android Market applies filters that will let the software

      developer control whether their app is displayed to a user who is browsing or searching for the app.


      There are many ways that the filtering can be done, but it seems that the SlingPlayer was published by

      Slingmedia as a Forward-Locked Application.


      According to Google: The Android "Market will not show copy-protected applications on developer devices

      or unreleased devices"


      Part of the filtering process is based on a variable set on each phone named: ro.build.fingerprint found in

      the system directory in the build.prop file.


      Here is a sample of the ro.build.fingerprint from my phone in Korea:




      Apparently, what I believe is happening to me (and to many others) is that this "fingerprint" has not been updated

      in a Google Market database, therefore when logging into the Market no Forward-Locked Applications will be

      seen because my phone is considered to be an "unreleased device". Result --> SlingPlayer is not seen.


      The Fix: The fix requires that you have a phone with "root" access. I take no responsiblity if you "brick" your phone

      or anything else that may happen in applying this fix. Also, if you do not know what  "root" is or how to root your

      phone I suggest you search the web and other forums for assistance.


      This fix is very simple: it requires you to replace the ro.build.fingerprint on your phone with one that is not

      considered to be for an unreleased device.


      I used the following:




      After I made the change to the build.prop with this new variable, I cleared the cache from the Maket app and rebooted

      the phone; then opened the Market app and went to My Apps - and SlingPlayer was there (along with many other locked

      apps that I had previously purchased).


      SlingPlayer installed and works fine. However, I will note that once you change ro.build.fingerprint back to its orignal

      value, any locked apps that you had downloaded when using the modified value will not show under the My Apps area

      of the Market. This is not such a problem, you can always use AppBrain to see of the applicaton has been updated and

      perform the fix again to update it (or maybe by that time your devices fingerprint will have been updated by Google^^).


      Good luck and happy slingboxing'