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    AV input auto detect? Why new setup after new connection?


      Background:  when initial setup I only had composit input, and verified the box worked.


      Now I have moved and connected a component hd from my satellite box. I thought the box auto detected AV inputs, and left for a business trip.  When trying to connect I found out that only the composit input where "installed" ( even when no longer actually plugged in).   To make matters worse you cannot remotely (out side your home network) run the install process and "update"/make the box scann and find new attached AV medias.


      From the forum questions other users aren't made aware about this stone age set up, and seems to think there is something wrong with their slingbox.


      Im stuck now with an app and a box intended for remote use, that cannot be configured remotely, and does not support auto detect AV input.   The only work around is to set up RDP on my home pc, enabling remote access to regain controll whilst traveling.


      Hope this newbie experience helpes others