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    Analoge Cable: Weak or no video signal


      I use my slingbox in combination with a analoge cable signal (UPC-Holland).


      Recently I changed from Slingbox Pro to Slingbox Pro HD. With the red Slingbox Pro I had no receiption problems at all. But with the Slingbox Pro HD I get the error message : weak or no video signal on almost half of my channels. I changed my Slingbox Pro HD for another one, but this didn't solve my problem. I also connected the Slingbox Pro HD direct to the point where the cable enters my home, but this didn't solve my problem either.


      Analoge TV receiption on my TV is cristal clear and I have had no receiption problems with my previous red Slingbox Pro.


      Is the analoge cable tuner in the Slingbox Pro HD very different from the one in the Slingbox Pro? Or did I just had bad luck with two fault Slingbox Pro HD boxes?

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          Hi Frankmietes,


          You need to confirm that the Slingbox PRO-HD that you got is the model SB300-110 (UK unit) since that unit will work with the PAL (Phase Alternating Line) configuration, that's the analogue television encoding system used to broadcast television systems in Netherlands. If you use a Slingbox PRO-HD made for United States or Canada, when you connect the coaxial cable from the wall to it, probably you will have no video since the Slingbox was made to get NTSC (National Television System Committee) signal only.


          Regards and I hope this helps.