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    What size iPad for Slingbox Solo?


      My wife purchased a 16G ipad for me with a Slingbox for Christmas on instructions that a 16 would be plenty of space for the Sling to work.  Anyway, we installed the SB and I correctly hooked it up, however, when we try to access the SB on the iPad, it tells us that we need to change the settings to 24G?  What?  I have NO IDEA what that means...no enough space?  The folks over at BB have no idea either.  Please someone help me.  I returned the smaller iPad and now upgraded to a larger one...what now?  Cross your fingers & hope it works....what size does everyone else have?  Trip

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          You do NOT have to have any particular storage size on the ipad for say....Just nough to hold trhe app itself which even the smallest 16GB model will more then do. You can have tons of apps on the thing and never really fill it up as music, videos and movies are the real culprit for space usage.


          As far as the error message goes; that's a new one to me. I'd suggest calling slingbox since your still in the free 90 day support period for assistance.

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            Hi trip2win - if you just purchased SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad, you have 90 days of complimentary support! This error seems really unusual, so I'd suggest giving us a call, so we can help you sort it out..


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