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    panic & crashes on Mac with watch.slingbox.com


      I was happy to switch to the web-based approach a couple of months back but it's been nothing but trouble ever since.


      The slingbox works on my home network but frequently crashes my machine. Before I might have 1 crash/year - if that. Now, whenever I'm playing the slingbox I'll have several crashes a day. I'm watching something - then send an email and boom - the slow, vertical darkening of my screen and forced to restart. Or the system will just hang. It seems that any network activity along with the slingbox causes it to go down.


      Second problem is that I simply cannot watch the slingbox form over the internet. It worked great with the player (I shouldn't have thrown it out!). But now, no way. And I have my ports set up correctly.


      Any ideas what's going wrong here???


      Thanks in advance!!