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    Audio but no Video w/ Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.


      I just built a new computer and everthing went according to plan. When I went to reinstall Slingplayer, Everything was fine until Windows 7 went into "update mode" and updated 60 files. When it finished I had audio but no longer had video. I went to ASUS and downloaded the newest driver (01/18/2011) for my display adapter (ENGTX460). Once installed it worked, but when I restarted the computer I once again had no video.


      The weird things is that when I go through the Slingbox set up assistant, the video is running during the set up process. You know how it runs in the little window during the process? But, once I complete the process and attempt to watch through the player, I have the same problem.  I am guessing it is some kind of plug-in issue that doesn't apply in the small window during set-up.  Anyone have any ideas??


      My flash is up to date.  Thanks