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    DirecTV locals not showing in iPad app guide


      I have a slingbox pro hd connected to my DirecTV DVR it works awesome. When I use my MAC and watch shows via Slingbox in Saffari I can see my local stations in the guide.. But when I use the iPad app it works perfectly but the local channels do not show up in the guide?? Why is this? I went through the set up again and made sure I had the correct zip code and selected direcTV for my city. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have a Slingbox Pro HD connected via composite to my DirecTV HR21 DVR.



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          It does work. What nobody seems to explain is that when you first connect to slingbox, you are NOT connected to your DVR yet. Once you connect to your DVR and hit guide it shows correctly. The list of favorite channels/all channels is on the slingbox and not the DVR. In settings you can set it to connect first instead of defaulting to the channel list. If you connect first you guide is complete.