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    Help getting repair


      Can anyone tell me where to initiate am out-of-warranty repair.  When I came home today, the picture, but no audio was pushing from my Tivo to my tv.  A check of other inputs ruled out the TV, and then when I disconnected the cables from the Pro-HD and fed them directly to the Tivo, I had picture and sound, (this ruled out tv or cables).  I then noticed the network light was out on the Pro-HD, and realized that I couldn't connect via slingplayer mmobile.  I them brought the Pro-HD to my router and plugged in the power adaptor and connected the Pro-HD directly to my router.  The power light lights up on the Pro-HD, but the network light is still out.  This and the non-audio throughput seem to have gone at the same time.  An attempt at a reset is accomplishing nothing.  I called the 877 #, they want me to pay $30 for a single incident Tech support, but they will only find out what I already know...it needs service.  I have a sling catcher, a turbo link, have paid for both the iphone and ipad apps, I deserve better treatment than this...please just tell me what I need to do to get this fixed.  Anyone know where to start?