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    Watch Slingbox on Linux with XBMC

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      Hello all, I'm opening this discussion to facilitate getting to watch your SlingBox on Linux. As of now, I have not tested this, but I have seen some people getting it to work with limited success at this forum: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=697623#post697623 (specifically user LVanElven confirmed this is working)


      The solution is to use XBMC, a cross-platform media center player.


      1. Download sources from svn.
      2. Apply patch by Harry Muscle (available here)
      3. Compile.
      4. Within xbmc, use this format: sling://username:password@address:port to connect to your slingbox.
      5. I have a dynamic dns domain name, so my address above is easy to get to.


      For the above, I believe the users were using a SlingBox solo, so that's why I posted it here. I have a Pro-HD version, so I'm going to be trying it with that. I think also that the users were compiling from a variety of operating systems, so this is unconfirmed to work in Linux yet. I will post back with my successes and hope that you all can do the same.






      So I'm not a proper C programmer and the compiler is  getting stuck during make, and at the end it throws up an undefined reference  in three of the patched files. Looks like this:


      xbmc/FileSystem/filesystem.a(FileFactory.o): In function `XFILE::CFileFactory::CreateLoader(CURL const&)':

      /home/wesley/Downloads/xbmc-install/xbmc/FileSystem/FileFactory.cpp:134:  undefined reference to `XFILE::CSlingboxFile::CSlingboxFile()'


      So I was finally able to figure out what happened  during build. Apparently the makefiles didn't know to find the Slingbox  files that were added during the patch, so I added this to the Makefile  located in xbmx/FileSystem:


           ../lib/SlingboxLib/SlingboxLib.cpp \
            Slingbox.cpp \


      After that, it compiled nicely.  I ran xbmc. Everything looks ok. I tried adding a video source in the  format as #4 above, but xbmc fails to play the 'video' stream. Nice try but no cigar! If anyone else has any luck compiling and getting it to work, please leave a note here. I'll try it on Mac (where it was confirmed to have worked already) eventually when I get up the energy to download Xcode and all the prerequisites for xbmc.


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          This sounds very similar to the old VLC plugin -- if it actually becomes stable this could have great potential and might be easier than configuring WINE.


          I hope the forum mods don't remove this topic, but if you're concerned about posting here on the Sling forums, you could also create a thread in the SlingPlayer section of http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/

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              I've known about wine working with the Sling 1.0, but I didn't know 2.0 was working now. My original problem with wine was that windowing with metacity wasn't working properly, I got transparent windows and invisible menus and the remote didn't work for me. In any case, if I can't get this to work, then I'll do that.


              I'll post over at placeshiftingenthusiast as well for sure! I'm compiling now. Let's see what happens! I'm so excited.

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              If anyone has been watching this thread, I've successfully compiled and viewed my slingbox using xbmc + the patch for slingbox on linux! I cannot change channels using the interface, there is no audio, and the stream is not always clear. Ie, it appears garbled and drops frames, but it does work natively without wine, so that's a start! Some different SB versions like the solo may work better depending on the encryption of the device.


              I've attached the relevant links to get yours working. If you have a debian system, you might be able to install my attached binary for xbmc.


              Setup: http://forum.xbmc.org/showpost.php?p=722044&postcount=86

              Binary: [Ubuntu 10.10, x86, 2.6.35-25-generic-pae] to come.