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    Can't navigate guide while it's loading




      I got Sling player installed on my XP netbook. Everything is fine except the fact that when I launch the player, I can't navigate the guide until it's completly loaded. It has to load channel icons etc..


      So while it's loading, I'm trying to scroll down to the channels I want but it gets me back to the first channel at the beginning of the guide.


      This happens until it's done loading, then I can navigate normally.


      That's kind of annoying. Either lock the guide until it's 100% loaded or permit the guide navigation while it is loading, regardless of initial cursor position.


      As a programmer point of view, it seems that everytime a channel icon is loaded, it refreshes the display and brings back to the cursor. If you scroll down the bar with the mouse, the cursor stays at the initial place, hence the return to the beginning of the guide everytime.