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    DirecTV HR22-100 - IR not working



      I got a very interesting problem. I cannot control the DirecTV HR22-100 with SlingBox. I read on other posts about changing the remote control from RF to IR. I did that.


      Peculiar thing happens. Once I change the DVR mode to IR, my regular DirecTV remote no longer functions. I followed instructions and reset the remote to IR mode (by disabling the RF mode). Still not working. I was able to turn the system on and off, but its very intermittent. Certainly not like in RF mode. The Solo box would OCASIANALLY able to control the DVR.


      When I change the system and remote to RF mode, everything works fine.


      Based on that I think, I either have some interference, or a bad IR sensor in the DirecTV HR22-100.


      So here is the question:

      Would it be possible to convert the IR signal generated by SlingBox to RF signal?


      Could there be a device that one could plug into SlingBox remote control output instead of IR and control the DirecTV RF?