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    question composite/component/video


      I ran the setup of sling solo and I contacted support on this, but the answer didn't make any sense so I left it as is and came to the discussion board and see if I can get a real answer.  The problem I'm having is as follow: using explorer 8300 HD connect to TV via HDMI, when I connect the DVR to solo via composite, and running the setup, the setup picks up the audio but no video (YES, IS PLUG IN THE RIGHT INPUT, SINCE THE OTHER CONNECTION AVAILABLE IS OUTPUT ) , when I switch to component, solo picks up video and audio. I tested connecting DVR to LCD using both composite/HDMI at the same time and when I switch between both connections, I'm able to get both signals audio/video through either one.  So the question is why sling solo is not able to pick up the composite when the DVR is sending signal through both HDMI and Composite at the same time.  Does any one may have  an answer.  DVR is setup to pick up on best signal depending on which connection is being used whether is HDMI, Composite or Component. Please when responding to this, read through entire question which should answer any question you may have to provide an answer that makes sense.


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          You need to get rid of your HDMI cable to your tv.  You have a component that is not HDCP compliant.  Use component cables to your tv and Slingbox  You also don't want to use composite or s-video because they are not HD.


          Just in case I'm not understanding your problem, why are you trying to use composite.  It is not HD capable.  You should use component cables to your Slingbox.